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Portrait of movie actor income higher than Ozawa Maria

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HD Jav Ameri Ichinose was named the star is a worthy successor to Ozawa Maria after retirement, "Mary".

Ameri Ichinose is one of the most famous movie star hot one of the two Japanese body has a fiery, child's face, "Ichinose in the rain, the wind film market during the National Cherry blossom.
Ameri Ichinose was born in 1987 from the beginning of 2006 three film. Innocent face in a fiery body, Ameri Ichinose quickly became the famous "AV Idol" is not her Ozawa Maria. Ameri Ichinose has a beautiful face, 3 feet tall and 67 measuring three - 51 - 8585 ring is very sexy. Ameri Ichinose once won the prize in the field of porn to sakura. Ameri Ichinose once let the football fan community when rampant, suddenly be mistaken for player Shinji Kagawa's girlfriend. Although be corrected in the event, but the Queen's name became hotter than previous Japanese porn.
You name the star is a worthy successor to Ozawa Maria after retirement, "Mary". At p…

Smoking claims 2,200 Indians each day

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Visakhapatnam: According to the World Health Organisation, India rates second in terms of number of smokers and registers 2,200 deaths related to smoking each day, said District Medical and Health Officer Dr N. Umasundari. On Wednesday, the District Medical and Health department observed the World No Tobacco Day. Dr Umasundari flagged off the rally during which the health personnel carried placards and raised slogan about the adverse health effects of smoking.

Speaking on this Jav Abuse occasion, Dr Umasundari said the nicotine is quickly ab-sorbed into the bloodst-ream and makes one addicted to it by creating a buzz of pleasure and energy. “Smoking has been the prime cause of cancers, he-art diseases, strokes and respiratory diseases in many patients,”she said.

“We are creating awareness in the public about the adverse effects of smoking on a continuous basis. Everyone should Jav Bukkake make sure that the public places as well as their area of work are smoke-free. The Union governme…

Margaret Court sparks outrage by claiming women's tennis is 'full of lesbians' while Venus Williams lets slip that sister Serena is having a girl Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-4560288/Margaret-Court-claims-tennis-lesbians.html#ixzz4iiabPWK5 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Margaret Court, the 24-time Grand Slam singles champion, has caused further controversy by saying tennis is ‘full of lesbians’.
The 74-year-old Christian pastor had earlier said she would not fly on Qantas ‘where possible’ in protest at the airline’s support of same-sex marriage.
Grand Slam winners Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King have called for the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, the venue for the Australian Open, to be renamed. Australia No 1 Sam Stosur hinted that players might boycott the arena next year.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-4560288/Margaret-Court-claims-tennis-lesbians.html#ixzz4iiaehCP5
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Lightning doesn’t strike twice? Tell that to Arnaud Gabas.
The French umpire, Jav Busty who suffered a fractured eye socket when Canadian Denis Shapovalov unintentionally smashed a ball at him during the Davis Cup tie against Great Britain, was in the wars again.
Fortunately, this time, Du…

Newly Named NASA Spacecraft Will Aim Straight for the Sun

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Last week, NASA teased that it would have an announcement about next year’s mission to send a spacecraft into the outer atmosphere of the sun. Commenters on Twitter joked that the space agency might be sending humans there.

The actual news? The spacecraft remains the same, but it has a new name.

The Solar Probe Plus spacecraft is now the Parker Solar Probe, named after Eugene N. Parker, the astrophysicist who predicted the supersonic solar wind — a barrage of charged particles ejected by the sun at more than a million miles per hour.

About 20 spacecraft have been named after prominent scientists, including Edwin Hubble, Lyman Spitzer Jr., Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and Enrico Fermi, but this is the first time that a NASA mission carries the name of a living scientist.

“It is my great honor, a few days before your 90th birthday, Gene, to announce we are renaming the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft,” Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s science mission directorate, said Wedn…