Smoking claims 2,200 Indians alexa rae each day

Visakhapatnam: According to the World Health Organisation, India rates second in terms of number of smokers and registers 2,200 deaths av Online related to smoking each day, said District Medical and Health Officer Dr N. Umasundari. On Wednesday, the District Medical and Health department observed the World No Tobacco Day. Dr Umasundari flagged off the rally during which the health personnel carried placards and raised slogan about the adverse health effects of smoking.

Speaking on this Jav Abuse occasion, Dr Umasundari said the nicotine is quickly ab-sorbed into the bloodst-ream and makes one addicted to it by creating a buzz of pleasure and energy. “Smoking has been the prime cause of cancers, he-art diseases, strokes and respiratory diseases in many patients,”she said.

“We are creating awareness in the public about the adverse effects of smoking on a continuous basis. Everyone should Jav Bukkake make sure that the public places as well as their area of work are smoke-free. The Union government has passed as Act to regulate smoking in public places and prohibit advertisements of cigarettes and other tobacco products,” she said. Nursing students and programme officers were present. Second-hand tobacco smoke causes many life-threatening diseases,” she added.

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