Do this when cuckold cleanup the bath will significantly improve "what the couple" of you

Many people will not like to talk about it, even those who think it is working quite subtle and not hygienic, but the squat down to ... urine in the shower can improve sex life of you - this information is posted on the blog of the famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Reason? Sit down like this, instead of sitting on a pedestal toilet, bring a lot of benefits. 

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First, in this posture, urethra we headed straight down to the flow of urine out naturally and easily, helping to empty the bladder completely, no need to try and reduce the risk of stagnation, causing UTI - the situation will also affect small not to have sex. 

The second advantage is equally important is the habit of squatting will create appropriate routing in the pelvis, increasing AV School awareness in the pelvis, strengthen important for pelvic floor muscles - muscles running from the pubic bone in front of the sound drag until the original direction of the spine. This engine as well as improvements and make it feel as love, easily create excitement. 

And not just that the muscles of the pelvic floor muscles involved in between themselves also received positive effect, increase blood circulation, stimulate blood circulation to the genital variety.

Essentially the squat is being referred to is one way to set Squat - Exercise famous helps tone, blossoming buttocks, increase scalability hips, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles ... While Westerners difficult, squat or squat depth, an advantage of Asians. Many people today think for some reason or another, such as the appearance of the sanitary equipment, modern seating, or feel comfortable, courteous ... which has stopped performing basic activities of this row right. But maybe it's time you should enlist again anytime possible, simple and easy to combine especially when bathing, because of the benefits that it brings not only apply in romance but also for general health , will reduce constipation, decreased urine leakage condition is common in pregnant women and postpartum, making childbirth easier, preventing prolapse ...

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