Earrings husband insisted his wife and dry humping porn strategies throw away cups of uninvited cockroaches


The husband and wife jade master in the walk, met an old friend. Totally happy and friends in a restaurant, and then ask some friends to relive the memories. I don't know why, he was not invited, again, this is Jean out of the former.

A look at jade. You don't look happy, when the wife was wearing earrings, I many times, but she only regretted his wife together. At the same time, Joan dressed sexy back. You deliberately sat next to peep out, sometimes with a Pearl Earring t m t m smile.
Joan is more close to the lovely smile, whispered: "my wife did not wear earrings, she is very beautiful, I thought you were lost". Your lips move m m away, far distance chair, Joan answer brief: "jade earrings, he should love I give you."

When people drink the jewel, furious husband, refused to get on the train. You said the angry voice: "you go first, I will take a taxi home". Jay know his wife was jealous of your pain, explained: "Joan just looking back, this is not what the big deal, I am angry."
Husband and wife Joan saw Jay in the Ivy League Aberdeen, near bloom, a sweet advice: "you go first, I have something to be alone with your wife." I believe that Jay locked, but deliberately break the feelings of husband and wife joan.

See a wife quietly shook his head, but you seem to have to follow joan. Stubborn stones summon taxis. You get on the bus in hainan. In the car, Joan deliberately provocative: "do you think I should put these earrings. It reminds me of the old lover's husband, must be very uncomfortable".

Garyi smiling voice said: "I will not put all the earrings, Yingjie gift, if you refuse, he does not belong to you".

When the taxi stop go in front of the house, out of the car. The old lover's husband did not glance. You know that Joan is angry, because they think that provoke the feelings of the couple exhausted, did not expect to be jade taxi starting left make unfounded countercharges. After returning home, also in.

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Husband and wife just know, immediately put the gemstone earrings back to a: "I don't want any such gift, you still take you away". Jade said angrily into the house.
As for Jay, I decided to throw earrings in the trash. You know that my wife is love these earrings, because it is the first time I send a gift

Joan sweet smile, a Kingston intentionally let the people around to hear: "in ancient times, I went to study abroad before Yingjie once gave me these earrings, I refused the gift, so it belongs to his wife, is really a pity."

Earrings to throw away the husband and wife persist in wilfully and arbitrarily alienate him a casual visitor.

Examples of image

People laugh, they laugh, a former girlfriend of things to his wife. S ng Chong Yu smile, pale, hands rubbed his earrings.
Wife Jie know very angry after the face to Joan and the annoying sound of small strange: "things have gone, what are you doing? In addition, I am a rejected earrings for you, and now you say, let your wife ".
Joan: you laugh, laugh at her, "who says you are wearing earrings for me. I thought you would admit me to study abroad before you marry him, do not know if you have not committed or link of our relationship. Are you mad at me, so I do not accept the gift of ruthless".


No wonder, now I know why she refused to buy for your earrings. At that time, I just want to simple family rich Joan, you said your gift of no value, so he refused.
Sitting in the corner, jade do not know love story. You feel angry, abandoned by wearing earrings old lover's husband, when her husband saw the gas ratio increases, Joan and gray in front of you.

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