Portrait of movie actor alexa may income higher than Ozawa Maria

Ameri Ichinose was named the star is a worthy successor to Ozawa Maria after retirement, "Mary".

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Ameri Ichinose is one of the most famous movie star hot one of the two Japanese body has a fiery, child's face, "Ichinose in the rain, the wind film market during the National Cherry blossom.

Ameri Ichinose was born in 1987 from the beginning of 2006 three film. Innocent face in a fiery body, Ameri Ichinose quickly became the famous "AV Idol" is not her Ozawa Maria.
Ameri Ichinose has a beautiful face, 3 feet tall and 67 measuring three - 51 - 8585 ring is very sexy. Ameri Ichinose once won the prize in the field of porn to sakura.
Ameri Ichinose once let the football fan community when rampant, suddenly be mistaken for player Shinji Kagawa's girlfriend. Although be corrected in the event, but the Queen's name became hotter than previous Japanese porn.

You name the star is a worthy successor to Ozawa Maria after retirement, "Mary".
At present, the Ameri Ichinose fourth list of the top 10 movie stars, have the highest income in Japan, and a little sister sixth on the list of our company.


Although Ozawa Maria retired, but you also put this list at the base of your current income

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