The husband and wife in aletta ocean herpes infection?

I'm 30 years old this year, before I was diagnosed genital herpes (genital herpes) but has cured for three months now. In time I'm not healing relations with his wife.

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But I read the article on the network then heard this disease is not cured must be, and despite out but still spread for my wife, and it would be hard to have children later on. I'm very worried. The present children with his wife still "relationship" normally and do not take protective measures, the wife I have no symptoms of the disease. The doctor asked me: would I spread for his wife? You can have kids? Your child has normal as how other kids? Thank you doctor! (Q.)


You Dear Emblem Q.!

Herpes (genital herpes) is a disease caused by a virus. If don't know how to prevent and cure in time, will spread herpes and very difficult to treat out. 

There are 2 main types of viruses: Herpes HSV1 trigger (herpes on the lips) and HSV2 (herpes in the vagina). Like the shingles, herpes is a disease spread. Especially the sick in vaginal Herpes can transmit the disease to her mate when having sex. The virus causes Herpes type 1 primarily exists in the respiratory tract, the mouth, the lips the conjunctiva, cornea and the skin. The bacteria that cause herpes tuyp 2 mainly exist in the women's uterus, urinary tract, vagina out of the vagina, the penis in men, the urinary tube ... The disease can cause bacteria nosocomial diseases but no expression whatsoever, after the incubation period is 2-20 new sick day.

The husband then the wife has herpes disease infected? 1
The herpes disease can be transmitted through unsafe sex, spreading through the swirl of the genitals when in contact with exudates of herpes ... Photo illustrations

Clinical manifestations of the disease genital herpes in men is the lesions on the skin, initially as the Scarlet pitches, then is the cluster of blisters the size of pea gathered a place, fluid in the blisters from the in switch to solid colours, one time after then shatters the dry, gradually and crust. The affected skin area heater burning, itching, the patient feels pain, accompanied by floats near the lymph nodes hurt and fever.

Genital herpes can be transmitted through unsafe sex, spreading through the swirl of the genitals when in contact with exudates of herpes, the virus enters the body through the holes on the skin or mucous membrane.

Because the sores in the genital herpes virus infection that people can encounter complications like infection inflammation of multiple cervical, endometrial inflammation. (in women) or inflammation of the epididymis testicle, inflammation of the prostate ... (in men).

Conclusive whether the radical treatment of disease genital herpes. Cycle suffered genital herpes is very special. The signs and symptoms may recur through annual or monthly and can spread the love for you if both had "a relationship" when recurrent disease. Also in the period of the underlying disease, no trauma, infection rates are not high, especially when he has immunity to the virus. If the disease is prompt treatment, the won't have much influence to the possibilities that the son of man.

Therefore, you need to make the right as directed by the doctor to quickly from disease. If there are signs of recurrent disease should avoid sexual intercourse with his wife, or if there is a "relationship", the need to wear a condom to avoid spreading the illness to his wife. If your wife gets sick that pregnancy can infect the baby when the child was born via vaginal reclining.

Wish your spouse happy!

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